NTNU node

The NTNU node of NNP has a 800 MHz ultrashielded Bruker Avance III HD spectrometer which was installed in the autumn 2015. The spectrometer is equipped with a 5 mm TCI cryogenic probe and a SampleJet sample changer.

In addition the lab has two additional Bruker Avance III HD spectrometers, a 400 MHz and a 600 MHz, both with SampleCase sample changers. The 400 MHz has a 5 mm SmartProbe, while the 600 MHz has a 5 mm TCI cryogenic probe.

Additional infrastructure at NTNU.


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About NNP

The NNP is a desentralized NMR center which provide state-of-the-art NMR services and related scientific support. Backbone of the center is two 800 MHz spectrometers located at UiO and NTNU, and a 600 MHz and 850 MHz spectrometer located at UiB.

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