NNP operates with an hourly rate for use of the spectrometer. NNP is divided into three independent rental places, one for each instrument.


Collaborative research

Commissioned research

800 MHz

100 NOK/h

1000 NOK/h

850 MHz

115 NOK/h

1000 NOK/h

600 MHz (UiB) 115 NOK/h 1000 NOK/h

All prices are quoted without VAT. The prices will be adjusted yearly to compensate for inflation etc.


Collaborative research includes:

  • Students and employees at universities and technical schools, both in Norway and abroad.
  • Research projects for which universities and technical schools in Norway are partners. 

Commissioned research includes:

  • All commercial projects.
  • Research and collaborations that are not classified as collaborative research.

Collaborative research will primarily be published, and the acquired knowledge about scientific issues, including NMR-related method developments, will be available to all NNP users.

Billing from NNP is carried out three times a year.

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About NNP

The NNP is a desentralized NMR center which provide state-of-the-art NMR services and related scientific support.

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