Update from Oslo

The AVII 400 spectrometer is again running in ICONNMR automation mode after its quench and recharging and the AVIII HD400 instrument is on field today and will be shimmed and tested from Monday March 23. and will get its own BACS sample changer handed over from the DPX 300 instrument on Wednesday March 25th.

Just now the AVI 600, DPX 300 and AVII 400 instruments are all running with BACS/ICONNMR automation in Oslo. The DPX 200 is used as a walk up instrument used with TopSpin 1.3, AVII 600 is used by MSc Daniel Hatlem on a protein sample and the DRX 500 is just two three days ago back from its multiple fan illnesses originating from the Electrical Power failiure. It gave with the skilled help by Dirk Petersen some beautiful and long sought after 19F ee % measurements a day ago in MSc Martin Hennum´s PhD research.

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